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Working for Alberta’s Children Since 1958.

The Alberta School Bus Contractors’ Association (ASBCA) is committed to the safe and efficient transportation of Alberta students.

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We cover all areas of
Alberta and all municipalities.

Alberta School Bus Contractors’ Association has been in existence since 1958 in Alberta. It now has over 86 members and represents over 4,100 school buses. Our members are from large companies like Pacific Western Transportation, First Student, and Stock Transportation. Our members are from medium size companies like 4 Seasons Transportation, Hrehorets Bus Lines, Willco Transportation, Beaupre Bus Lines. Our members are owner operators with smaller numbers of buses down to 1 bus owner/operators.

They live and volunteer in the areas they serve.

They purchase supplies, fuel, etc., locally, giving back to the economy.

They have provided a service for multi-generations of families.

They are the first face a student sees in the morning and the last after school before they are at home, often the first to recognize when a child is in distress.

They attend weddings, graduations, and baby showers; they are mentors for students and confidants for families.

They mend broken hearts, scraped knees, and hurt feelings.

They prepare students to learn every day, so they have a positive experience in the school system.

We are proud of our association and our strong members

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Tri-R Buses Ltd
Team Busing
1229674 Ab
Martens Bus Lines Ltd
Beaupre Bus Lines
Ron & Linda Fox
Willco Transportation ltd
Doug Linden
Certified Busing
Col-Ern Holdings
James Birkenhagen
Gladys Davis
L Polak Busing
Anzaus Service
Dorothy Perrin
Golden Arrow schoolbuses
JRL Enterprises Ltd
Blackburn Transit
Ernie J Cherniwchan
Prairie Bus Lines

Bylend Busing
Jason MacQueen
RT Septic & Water Systems Inc.
Krues Busing ltd
Amethyst Transport
M & EM Transport
Garry Pelech
Early Dawn Bus Lines
Marie’s Transportation Inc
Harold’s Bus Lines Ltd
El-Star Transportation
Northern Morning Star Inc.
Lorne & Verna Ruskowsky
Harvey Schmidt
Lora Kuzio
Hubert DeMoissac
Roger DeMoissac
Kridon Buslines
Green Willow Transportation

Brad & Gloria Matoga
Charmaine Robinson
Prinse Bus Lines
Y.C. Charter
Flo-Line Busing Inc.
Autobus Frechette
Brian & Gayle Ganske
Phil Turgeon
1876725 Ab Inc
Barry Altheim
Steve & Tracey Bredlow
Hrehorets Bus Service
Leonard & Lynn Ohlmann
Rental Bus Lines
NV Trucking
Slingin Dirt Contracting LTd
Paul Stobbe
Graylo Enterprises Ltd
Patten, Tim & Marlene

Lorne Stern
True North Group
Aardvark Bus Company Ltd
Wade Nielson
LCJ Transportation Ltd
Raoul Malo
Don Pilisko
Sharkey’s Service
Marcel Gill
Hugh Gamblin
Rodney Cheshire
LA Travel Express Bus Co Ltd
Steve Lagore
Fenton Bus Lines
4 Seasons Transport
JD Bus Lines
B. Kushak Bus
Gordon Uganecz
Martins Bussing Ltd

Trisha Forster
Raymond & Barbara Unger
Brightview Bus Lines Ltd
Iron River Student Transport
Tim Shankowski
Terry Steinke
Leanne Coonan
Avenir Bus Lines Ltd
Jodi Preston
Ivan Fontaine
G & L Automotive Ltd
Sparksman Transportation
Southland Transportation
1060380 Tillapaugh Bus Lines
Tomten Bus Service
Melissa Sarnecki
Jorvic Contracting Ltd
First Student Canada

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